Is Your Coverage Adequate?

I won’t kid you. There’s more to this insurance game than saving money. In fact, while it’s nice to lower your insurance costs, it’s probably even more important to make sure you, your loved ones and your assets are covered adequately. It’s not a pleasant thought, but insurance is about worst-case scenarios. It’s also about peace of mind, knowing that you have the worst-case scenarios covered. Because I know peace of mind is so important, I am willing — actually, I’m excited — to reveal to you the secrets about insurance. Secrets that ensure you have all the protection you need. Why would I just give these secrets away? Because it’s just as good for my business as it is for you. I want to let you in on the knowledge I have accumulated as an insurance industry professional and insider. I want to do this because I have found, time and time again, that generosity and the willingness to provide really great service come back to me. Tenfold. In fact, that’s how I have built my business.

Three Steps to Protection

There are three basic steps you can take to protect your and your family’s financial well-being: 1. Have an insurance specialist conduct a risk analysis of your home, car(s) and family. How can you adequately address your risks with insurance if you don’t even know what these risks are? I’ve found that most people face more risk than they know. Because everyone is different, it’s not like you can ask a friend or relative to assess your insurance needs — unless they are insiders in this business. If you haven’t had your risks assessed by an insurance professional, you could be inviting financial disaster. You need a professional, a knowledgeable insurance insider, to put together a comprehensive insurance plan that truly protects you. Our office will do that for FREE. 2. Use an agent. There are several ways home insurance is sold in this country. Some people buy it by calling a toll-free number and talking to an employee of an insurance company. Others take advantage of direct mail offers. A direct mail piece is not going to be able to assess your level of risk. Do you really want an insurance company employee to be your agent? You need someone who’s going to work for you. And you need someone who can offer you options. Do you want a good price? Do you want options and flexibility? And do you want protection against worst-case scenarios? There’s only one option here: Use an agent. 3. Don’t trust the financial protection of you, your family and your assets to an insurance agent who is not a home insurance specialist. A specialist? Absolutely. Look, insurance is a huge industry. There’s insurance for everything. And nobody can specialize in all of it. In fact, a professional agent can specialize in only a few niches — and really understand them. And I do. I’ve studied the homeowners insurance market in our community for years.

The “Basics” of Home Insurance in New Brunswick:

Here is a quick summary of the basic coverages you should have:

Dwelling Building:

This is your house. In the majority of cases, the limit here should reflect what it would cost if you had to rebuild your house all over again at today’s building costs.

Detached Private Structures:

This refers to any personal outbuildings you have on your premises that qualify for coverage. The limit here is usually 10% of whatever your dwelling building limit is.

Personal Property (contents):

This is all your personal belongings inside your house and on your property. Most home insurance policies provide replacement cost protection on contents. The amount of insurance here is usually a percentage of your home insurance amount (on average 70%).

Additional Living Expenses:

This provides you with any additional costs of living, such as hotels, meals, etc. that you incur because your home has been damaged by an insured peril that causes you to temporarily move out. The limit is generally 20% of your dwelling building amount.


This is generally included and covers you for your responsibility towards others. For example, if a visitor slips on your icy steps and breaks an arm, protection exists if you are legally responsible for injuries.


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To report a claim during business hours, please call our office at (506) 363-5624, or toll free at 1-866-363-5624. To report an emergency claim after hours that cannot wait until the next business day, please call our office number at (506) 363-5624 for claims reporting options.

If unable to contact us by this method, following is a list of after hours emergency claims numbers. Please call the number associated with the Company you are insured with. Please have your policy number ready:

Stanley Mutual Insurance Company – 1-888-224-5677

United General Insurance Corporation – 1-888-346-6610

Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company – 1-800-567-7721

Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Company – 1-800-319-9993

Aviva Insurance Company – 1-866-869-6575