Some people believe that auto insurance is just a commodity. It isn’t.

Remember that sometimes “you get what you pay for”. The cheapest option might not provide you or your family with the best protection. The saying goes “you don’t need insurance until you have a claim.” When you do have a claim, something that goes wrong, that’s a terrible time to discover that you don’t have adequate protection. With car insurance, you are not only protecting yourself in case of an accident, but also your financial well-being in the future and the choices you make could affect you for the rest of your life. Protect yourself by purchasing adequate auto insurance.

Benefits of Insuring your Car With Us:

Components of a Car Insurance Policy in New Brunswick:

Bodily Injury Liability

It pays the medical and other expenses of people injured in an accident you cause. This is a required coverage.

Property Damage Liability

It covers damage your car causes to property, such as objects you may hit (fenceposts, garages, buildings…). This is a required coveage.

Direct Compensation Property Damage

This coverage protects you against damage to your car in the event of an accident that’s not entirely your fault. This means your own insurance company repairs your vehicle no matter who’s at fault. This coverage is mandatory.

Accident Benefits

This mandatory coverage applies if you or any of your passengers are injured or killed in an automobile accident, regardless of who is responsible. It includes supplementary medical, rehabilitation, attendant care, caregiver, income replacement, and many other benefits.

Uninsured/Unidentified Motorist

This pays for injuries to you, and, in some cases, damage to your car, if you are hit by a driver who doesn’t have insurance or is unidentified.


This optional protection covers the damage done to your car when it collides with another car or an object or upset of your vehicle.


This optional protection covers damage to your car that results from something other than a collision, for example damage caused by theft, windstorm, windshield damage, vandalism and more.


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To report a claim during business hours, please call our office at (506) 363-5624, or toll free at 1-866-363-5624. To report an emergency claim after hours that cannot wait until the next business day, please call our office number at (506) 363-5624 for claims reporting options.

If unable to contact us by this method, following is a list of after hours emergency claims numbers. Please call the number associated with the Company you are insured with. Please have your policy number ready:

Stanley Mutual Insurance Company – 1-888-224-5677

United General Insurance Corporation – 1-888-346-6610

Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company – 1-800-567-7721

Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Company – 1-800-319-9993

Aviva Insurance Company – 1-866-869-6575